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We hope that you will enjoy your stay at Seaside Cottage. If there is anything that we can do to help, please let us know. If anything needs to be improved let us know so that, when you return , your stay will be even more enjoyable!

G. S. Minnis (Sherry)
Ph: (242) 335 -1360

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For Your Arrival:

When you arrive at North Eleuthera Airport, please take a taxi to the Minnises on Current Ridge, the house with the white picket fence, where the keys will be awaiting you.

Electricity and water will be turned on and “settling in supplies” will be at the cottage when you arrive.


Seaside Cottage Rates
$150/night (for 2 persons)
$1050/week (for 2 persons)
$4200/month (for 2 persons)
$25 for extra person/night
$175 extra person/week
$700 extra person/month
Cozy Villa Rates
$100/night – weekdays (for 2 persons)
$120/night – weekends (for 2 persons)
$740/week (for 2 persons)
$2960/ month (for 2 persons)