Our IslandEleuthera Bahamas

Eleuthera is a beautiful 110 mile long island with rolling hills and magnificent beaches. Dotted with an array of quaint settlements this island’s economic base varies as do the townships themselves.

About Eleuthera

Eleuthera is the fourth most populated island of The Bahamas, with approximately 11,000 residents. Most who live here either fish for bounty or farm the rolling acres of pineapple plantations. Eleuthera is an island of casual sophistication, housing isolated communities, well-developed resorts, rocky bluffs, low-lying wetlands and massive coral reefs that create magnificent backdrops.

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Townships of EleutheraHere is a listing of the Townships of Eleuthera each with it's own style.

  • Spanish Wells centers around the fishing industry for which it is famous.
  • Harbour Island or “Briland” is a three mile long island with beautiful pink sand and a very large tourist industry
  • The Current, The Bluff & The Bogues in north are farming and fishing townships.
  • Gregorytown, nestled on a hillside is home of the popular Pineapple Festival.
  • Hatchet Bay is nestled away from the main highway with a tranquil harbour and marina.
  • James Cistern sits on a hillside, along the water’s edge.
  • Governor’s Harbour-a quaint, colonial style settlement was home to the first visitors to Eleuthera and today houses the offices of the local Government.
  • Palmetto Point is home of the famous Twin City Arena.
  • Savannah Sound is a peaceful settlement near the exclusive Windermere Island.
  • Tarpum Bay is a quiet seaside town with beautiful pastel homes and bright red Poinciana trees.
  • Rock Sound is a busy settlement with farms and businesses.
  • Green Castle, Weyness Bight, Deep Creek, John Millars, Waterford & Bannerman Town are basically farming townships. Here you will discover the quiet allure of island life and experience the peaceful beauty of the Lighthouse Beach.

Pink Sand Beaches

Everyone’s list of the world’s top 10 beaches includes Harbour Island’s famed Pink Sands Beach, but pink-sand beaches are spread over 35 miles on the Atlantic Ocean side of Eleuthera, as well as the Exuma Sound (Caribbean Sea) side, and the mainland.

Eleuthera at a Glance

  1. Location: 200 miles southeast of Miami and 60 miles east of Nassau
  2. Island Info: A 110 mile long 2 mile wide arc covering less than 300 square miles
  3. Population: 10,500
  4. Tourist Info: Eleuthera Tourist Office (242)332-2142; Harbour Island (242)333-2621
  5. Known for: Pink sand beaches and snorkeling

Local InformationShopping, Banking, Medical, Etc.

The village of Current in Eleuthera is the nearest settlement. There you can buy basic groceries and household supplies at the local grocery or convenience store. Fish, Conch and Crawfish can be obtained when available.  At Johnson’s Grocery in Lower Bogue, you can buy basic groceries and household suppliers.  It is open from 7am to 9pm, everyday-even Sundays. There is a large Food Store in Bluff called Burchies. 700 Wines & Spirits is located opposite Rubies Gas station is in Lower Bogue.

If you wish, you can bring grocery supplies with you, except for fresh fruit and vegetables which will not be allowed.

The nearest “urban centre” with banks, a supermarket, a hardware shop, pastry shops, etc is Spanish Wells. The Ferry to Spanish Wells cost $5 per person. Harbour Islands, or Briland as it is called by locals, is the next nearest “urban centre”. To get to Harbour Island you drive through Lower Bogue, past North Eleuthera Airport, to the coast; where you take a ferry ($5 per person).

The Health Clinic, just outside Lower Bogue, is staffed by a qualified nurse and is open Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm. A doctor is in attendance at the clinic on Tuesdays from 10am to 1pm.

The police office is situated at North Eleuthera Airport and is open from 9am to 5pm.

Churches in Eleuthera: In Current there is a Methodist Church and a Brethren Meeting Hall. A Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses is now on Airport Rd. opposite Rubies Gas Station in Lower Bogue. In Lower Bogue there is a Baptist Church, a Methodist Church and Roman Catholic Church. All churches hold services on Sunday mornings.

Banking in Eleuthera: There are no banks or ATM’s in North Eleuthera.  There is a Commonwealth Bank in Spanish Wells and Royal Bank of Canada in Harbour Island.  These provide full banking services for most transactions which you may wish to make. American currency is accepted at all establishments at a par with the Bahamian dollar. However, for checks and drafts you will receive 95 cents for each dollar. Major Grocery Stores accept credit cards.

Recreation in Eleuthera: Most recreational sports are available on Eleuthera either from Current, North Eleuthera and Harbour Island. At Seaside Cottage we are trying to build up a register of reliable persons who can take you boating, bottom and deep sea fishing, snorkeling, etc. Check with Sherry Minnis for information (including estimated prices) on these.

Water is a precious commodity in Eleuthera and all of the the Bahama Islands. It is pumped from underwater wells which because of low lying water tables, are easily contaminated by salt water when there is over pumping. Wherever you are in the Bahamas, therefore you should try to conserve water and not use it wastefully. Thanks for you help with this.

Seaside Cottage in Eleuthera uses a Goulds pump (half horse power) to pump water from its own well. Water is stored in a 42 gallon holding tank for pumping into the cottage for you use.You can obtain mineral or bottled water for drinking, this can be purchased at most groceries stores or supermarkets in Eleuthera. Hot water is provided by an electric heater. This should ensure adequate hot water at all times.

Electricity and Gas: Electricity is generated by Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) in Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera and supplied to Current and North Beach. Electricity is 120 volts, 60 cycles, and standard North American appliances can be used at Seaside Cottage. The main fuse box is mounted on the outside wall of the house, near the entrance. Flashlights have been provided in case of outages, which fortunately, are not frequent.